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Precautions when purchasing nylon seals

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Update time : 2018-05-02 09:11:04
1. Appearance quality
Common plastic products will have defects such as blemishes, lack of material, burning, silver, air bubbles, deformation, shrinkage and so on. These are also more likely to appear on Nylon cable ties, and it is important to look at their appearance in detail, although some do not affect the use, but it will still induce potential factors of quality accidents.
 2. Performance quality
 The most important evaluation of nylon seals is their release force, which is applied to a certain degree of strength. No matter whether it is broken or reversed, the head is cracked, and it cannot be paranoid. The quality of the tie is not good because a standard value of the product is a pull force. There is a bottom, when the use of the force required by the state exceeds the standard is very large, there is no guarantee, only to choose to replace the replacement of higher tensile specifications of the product, of course, good quality seal stretch is flexible Excellent ductility, no direct fracture cross-section, no brittleness. In this way, the application range of the user's use of the pulling force can also be met to a greater extent so as to reduce the cost.

nylon seals
3. Can the scale of production capacity be fully protected?
After all, the number of manufacturers of cable ties in China has risen, but the size of production capacity has shown an astonishing polarization. Some of the dozens or even a few factories or workshops manufacturing equipment can be expected to meet the requirements of large-scale supply. It will give the user a considerable amount of unfavorable inhibition and will cause serious losses.
4. The completeness of after-sales service and the density of the contact points at the outlets.
Many products are the same. The same is true for nylon cable ties. Many of them also value the quality of the entire service of the product. This will directly bring great convenience to the use and satisfaction of the demand process.
5. The strength of credibility.
A dishonest supplier will not be recognized by the users, and it will be highly recognized by the veteran and reputable public. The involvement of a wide range of nylon tie suppliers will result in a great deal of convenience, including selection and use. With less investment and more efficient work.