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Procedimentos de entrega

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Update time : 2018-04-26 10:54:50
(1) The contracting parties shall pay for the packing of goods and articles: In principle, the bulk cargo shall be levied in pounds and pounds; the "door-to-door" heavy containers, containers and other sealed goods shall be sealed and sealed.
(2) The shipper shall deliver the goods according to the agreed loading and unloading procedures; when loading the goods, the two parties shall check the goods name, specifications, quantity and the waybill in line with the goods, and check whether the packaging meets the required standards or requirements, and the carrier shall confirm the correctness. Sign on the shipper's invoice; found that it does not meet the requirements or jeopardize the safe transportation can not be shipped; due to mild damage to the package, short-term repair and adjustment difficulties, the shipper insisted on loading and unloading, with the consent of both parties and do a good job After the records and signatures are stamped, they can be shipped. The consequences are the responsibility of the shipper.

cargo freight 
(3) After the goods arrive at the designated place, the consignee and the carrier shall be handed over on the spot. After the consignee checks the errors, he shall sign the freight settlement certificate held by the carrier; if the goods are damaged, the transfer personnel shall make a record. After signing and recognizing that the parties have jointly ascertained the situation and made clear the responsibilities, the consignee shall clearly indicate on the freight vouchers; the consignee may not refuse the goods due to the damage or difference.
(4) When the goods are handed over, both sides of the company may submit inspections and re-inspections if there is any doubt about the weight and content of the goods. If there is any discrepancy, they shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant regulations; the expenses incurred for inspection and re-piling shall be borne by the responsible party.
(5) The carrier shall handle the unclaimed goods for more than 30 days from the day following the notification of the receipt of the goods, in accordance with the following provisions:
1. Establish a ledger, register in a timely manner, keep it in a safe place, do not use it during the safekeeping period, and carefully search for the owner.
2. After multiple inquiries, goods that are still unclaimed for more than one month are handled by the State Economic and Trade Commission “Measures for Handling Unable to Deliver Goods at Ports and Stations”; however, goods that are fresh and difficult to keep may be subject to no time limit upon approval by the competent department of the enterprise.