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The characteristics of QR code seal

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Update time : 2018-04-24 09:11:26
When checking seals, it mainly based on seal numbers and supplemented by QR codes, which can accurately identify the authenticity of security seals. If the seals have been exchanged and replaced with seals from other manufacturers during transportation, you can use our company's technology and equipment to identify the authenticity through QR code scanning.
QR code seal
The QR code has the following features:
1.High density coding, large information capacity. It can accommodate up to 1850 letters or 2710 digits or 1108 bytes or more than 500 Chinese characters, which is about several times higher than the capacity of regular bar code information.
2.Wide range of coding: the bar code can digitize pictures, sounds, characters, fingerprints, etc., and encode them with a bar code. It can represent multiple languages and can represent image data.
3.Fault-tolerant ability, with error correction function: the QR code still can be read correctly due to local damage caused by perforation and dirty. The information can be recovered even the damaged area is up to 50% .
4.High reliability of decoding.
5.Encryption measures can be introduced: According to the user's requirements, specific encryption processing can be performed. Other companies or personnel cannot read and analyze the information of the seal body without obtaining encryption and reading authorization, which greatly improves the anti-counterfeiting performance.