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The role of barcode on seals

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Update time : 2018-04-17 17:02:29
Arranging the codes according to certain rules with blank and black bars of unequal width is the bar code we usually see. It is a graphic identifier to express a set of information. A common bar code is a parallel line pattern of black bars and white bars that are very different in reflectivity.
1.The barcode on the seal can store and read more information, which is why the bar code is printed on the surface of the seal, that is, it can store more information on the surface of the seal and the information can be read.
2.With the Anti-counterfeiting function, the barcode on the seal is mainly a random check code. The random check code is determined according to the quantity of a batch of customized bar code. The check code of the bar code is randomly calculated from the quantity. If you don't know the number of customizations, you can't figure out the random code, which adds a new advantage to anti-counterfeiting.

The role of barcode on seals
3.The barcode on the seal can speed up the work rate by scanning the knowledge. The bar code is stamped on the seal, which is convenient to read the barcode information. The information contained in the bar code can be immediately obtained by scanning the corresponding bar code with the handset.
4.Printing barcode on the seal is relatively simple. Compared to the digital text imprinting, the printing of the barcode is relatively simple and convenient. Simply using a laser engraving machine can easily print the barcode on the seal, which is easy and fast to operate.