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Why can't the cable seal be replaced by a key lock?

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Update time : 2017-11-27 15:41:49
Cable seals as a large number of seals in a variety of types, with very many product models and product characteristics, by matching the length and diameter of the cable, can adapt to different industries use environment. So why use a cable seal to act as an encapsulation tool instead of a key lock?
1, cable seals as a disposable seal products, it is easy to use and cheap. Cable seals are basically the use of tight-type sealing method, simply the cable through the lock hole can be completed on the cargo, but also through the tight cable to adjust the buckle. And the price of the cable seals is cheap, usually only one-tenth of the ordinary key lock.
cable seal
2, the cable seals disassembly management is convenient. Because the key lock each unlock need to have the corresponding key to be able to open, when the number of locks needed to manage, the key lock will appear management difficult scenes. And the use of cable seals, it only needs a wire cut, dismantled steel wire seals directly scrapped, convenient statistics and re-sealing.
3, cable seal cable length can be customized. Custom-made cables of varying lengths, which are not attainable by ordinary key locks, are sufficient to meet the needs of most customers, and the use of specially tailored lengths of cable seals is more appropriate than the complex wiring of the wrong type of valve handles.